Costume Craze

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Costume Craze

Zoey Shepard, Writer

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It is the best time of the year. Scary movies, lots of sugar and big sweaters to fit the fall weather. However, most teens would agree that the best part of this month is the arrival of a specific holiday, Halloween. Halloween brings out costumes that show off the personalities of each individual and demonstrate each students creative abilities.

A lot of students partake in dressing up in order to show off their favorite celebrities or movie characters. A big part of this generation are the movies they watch and the idols that they have. The celebrities that teens see are an enormous part of who students aspire to be and what they crave to accomplish.

“I’m thinking about being Mark Wahlberg and my friend is going to be Will Ferrell because of the movie ‘The Other Guy’. I’m also thinking about being Connor Mcgreggar,” junior Toby Kirkpatrick said.

Some other reasons for dressing up include getting creative and showing off the lively personalities that these individuals have. This is one of the biggest ingredients in building a thrilling Halloween costume. It can start as a random idea, but when the costume is complete,  Halloween night will be the best night imaginable.

“I either want to be a baby or a blonde headed nurse. I think it would be fun and different,” sophomore Brianna Brantley said.

Many people would agree that the most important part of Halloween are the traditions. Pumpkin painting, pumpkin pie, pumpkin carving. A lot of people would say that pumpkins are what make fall, what it is. So it is inevitable that teens would want to dress up as this festive object.

“It has not been fully decided but I’m thinking about being a pumpkin. It is basic but it would be fun and I love the color orange,”  junior Michaela Broyles said.

All teens love a good scare. Haunted houses, scary movies and most importantly creepy costumes. Halloweens’ context can be pretty dark but that’s what people love about it. Being scared can give the feeling of adrenaline and leaves chills. For someone reason, human beings thrive on this feeling. That’s what makes this holiday such a lovable and enjoyable event. That’s a big reason why students decide to dress up as their favorite horror movie characters.   

“I want to be a scary pirate from ‘Monster House’ this year. I love being scared so I wanted to add it into my costume,” junior Nakota Lee said.  

There are so many options when it comes to dressing up. The main equities for achieving a jaw dropping costume is creativity, dressing up as the people you admire and incorporating the traditions of this season into your outfit.

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