Introverts vs Extroverts

How your different personality trait affects you

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Introverts vs Extroverts

Jennifer Love, Writer

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There are two main groups of people throughout the world, introverts and extroverts. Introverts are ones who like to keep to themselves and stay out of the way of others while extroverts are the complete opposite. They enjoy spending time with other people and when they do so they feel energized. With these polar opposites together in a high school building, the differences are bound to show.

“I’m probably introverted. I would say that just because I would rather keep to myself, unless I’m talking to one of my good friends,” sophomore Emma Webb said.

Many differences can be seen between a introvert and extrovert. Introverts tend to not speak much and isolate themselves from other people, extroverts love to express themselves and talk. This quality transfers to a classroom when a question is asked by a teacher. Extroverts, normally are, the first ones to raise their hand and introverts are the ones to sit at their desk and wait for someone else to answer, even if they know the right answer.

“I find it hard to answer questions in class sometimes,” sophomore Joslyn Choate said.

When people go to school it is expected that, at some point in time, they will be called out to answer a question. The more reserved type will give vague and short answers to try to get the attention away from them as quickly as possible. A more outgoing person will give more details and have a longer, more in depth, answer.

“It’s easier, though, when I know the answer,” Choate said.

High school is hard to go through alone, so it helps when there are friends there to help along the way. Extroverts are ones who will tend to have a large group of friends, some of them close, others not as much. Introverts will usually have a small group of friends who are close to them, with this personality it is difficult for them to open up and let others see the real them.

“I have a close group of friends that I talk to a lot,” Choate said.

A person’s personality can also play a part in how many school activities they are involved in. The more reserved type of person will often choose to be involved in, maybe, one or two school activities. The more outgoing type of person will, more often than not, choose to be involved in more school activities.  

“I’m only involved in one school activity and it’s yearbook staff,” Webb said.

Being an introvert can sometimes make social life in high school difficult, but being an extrovert can make class life in high school difficult. There are big differences between the two personalities, but that does not make one superior over the other.

“Being an introvert can make it harder to make new friends. It also makes it easier to get my class work done and focus on school,” sophomore Ella Despain said.  

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