Trick or Treat?

Should high school students still participate in the Halloween tradition?

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Trick or Treat?

Vania Haley, Writer

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Trick or Treating, the ultimate Halloween tradition, involves dressing up as anything the heart desires and knocking on strangers doors and asking for candy. An activity that people are normally not encouraged to do 364 days a year, becomes a night of fun and free candy. Trick or treating is a time typically associated with young kids, but does that mean that high school students are too old to go door to door asking for candy?

Some say that between the ages of 12-16 most teenagers should quit participating in this Halloween tradition claiming they’re too old. Running around in crazy costumes all night looking for candy doesn’t really sound like a high school thing. Most teens simply feel they’ve grown out of the childhood activity and decide they’d rather either hand out candy or spend the time with their friends in the comfort of their own homes.

“At this age it’s just really a joke, I think it’s more for the little guys. I just think that were old enough we should be giving out candy to the little kids, so our parents can rest,” junior, Toby Kirkpatrick said.

The stereotype of “only little kids trick or treat” might be an opinion shared by many high school students, but what if walking around with friends in ridiculous outfits is just a way to connect with the true kid inside. Any time spent having fun is a good time as far as most are concerned.

“I think it fine, people have their choices, if they choose to trick or treat at eighteen , they can. I might trick or treat because I might go get candy from other people and re-give it out at my own house,” sophomore, Brianna Brantley said.

Whether the plan is to trick or treat and regift the received candy, go with younger family members or just eat the holidays candy alone with friends, age should never be a deterrent in having fun. Ultimately trick or treating is an all time favorite tradition of Halloween. The ability to let loose and go back in time to relive loved childhood memories is okay to want at least once a year.

“I think it should be done more often, and people shouldn’t be like ‘oh that’s such a kid thing to do’. It’s fun and should be up to you,” junior, Michela Broyles said.

In the end it really doesn’t matter. If trick or treating has an age limit and someone chooses to opt out because of it, it is what it is. But if age doesn’t determine a good time, by all means, trick or treat.


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