Can You Relate to These Movies?

Autumn Lewis, Writer

High school, the embodiment of teenage angst. For many, school is a time of trial and error, stress and homework, but to the world it is seen from the lights of movies. Movies that exaggerate teen romance and make the subjects taught seem easy, so is there really any movies that represent the real effect school has on its students?

Teens are continuously told how easy they have it, though pressure of the future and school work take part in their everyday life. Students often feel lost with the massive amounts of homework given. Sometimes subjects are not comprehended by students and a lot of times this problem is not displayed to the public.

“I’m always lost emotionally and physically when it comes to school, because of my overwhelming amount of homework,” Austin Green said, “I mostly relate to the Finding Nemo character Dory because she has memory loss problems kinda like me when I’m trying to figure out homework problems.”

Along with memory loss of important curriculum, fake friends are another subject movies about high school do not explain. Fake friends can be defined as people who pretend to be someone’s friend, but turn their backs on them and spread secrets.  This is a major problem people outside of high school don’t understand, due to the lack of information put out to the public.

“Crazy Rich Asians has been a movie this year that relates most to my personal high school experience,” Brianna Brantley said, “ In the movie the main character, Rachel, believes her boyfriend’s mother likes her but the mother actually plots behind Rachel’s back to get Rachel and the boyfriend, Nick, to break up. I guess this relates to the fake friends you find in high school but it also represents the wild and crazy experiences you’ll have.”

High school has many ups and downs that come along with it. Though many movies do show the highs and lows to high school many of the problems the characters face are unrealistic. No student is going to sing a song while also breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Some movies have plots that might not be about high school, but contains a plot that occurs in the everyday life of a student.

“Since I never know what’s to come from high school I think the movie Up accurately describes my experience,” Macy Jones said, “Though it’s a very sad story it’s also adventurous kinda like school.”

School in general can provide its students with valuable knowledge and experiences, but the negative sides of school are never represented thoroughly and realistically in society.