Should there be a Delayed School Start?

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Should there be a Delayed School Start?

Jennifer Love, Writer

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The first snowfall of the school year happened Sunday night, Nov. 11, through Monday morning, the 12. The roads quickly turned into a slick white sheet that is difficult to drive on. Due to the dangerous driving conditions many roads closed, schools cancelled classes and others delayed start times. On the snowy day, AHS neither delayed nor cancelled school.

The school should have cancellations, or at least delays, on snowy days for the safety of  students on the road.

When students drive on icy roads, many accidents can occur and it might not even be the student’s fault but the other person who might not be experienced in driving on roads, post winter weather. Annually, 1,300 people are killed in car accidents related to snowy roads and 116,800 people injured. If there were delays or cancellations on these types of days, many accidents would be avoided.

“I think delays would be helpful because there wouldn’t be as much rush to get to school,” Claire Lewis said, “I would be able to drive slow and get to school safer.”

When significant weather affects roads, it should also affect the way people drive. On snowy roads the speed limit should decrease by 30-40%. When they do not, car tires can lose friction and go spinning around on the roads, which could potentially hit other cars trying to regain control. Delays would decrease the accidents by removing rushing students from these situations.

Accidents from roads after winter weather are more fatal than tornadoes. It was discovered in a study that, from 2008-2009, zero people had been killed by tornado destruction but 19 had died from car accidents related to snowy weather. 24% of accidents are due to icy roads. By implementing delays there would be a reduction in these numbers.

On winter days, the school should have delays, at the very least, for students to have the time to drive to school, arrive on time and in one piece.

These delays may inconvenience teachers and shift their lesson plans, but it would help to keep the students at AHS away from potentially dangerous situations while driving.