Should Students Pay for Parking Passes?

Vania Haley, Writer

At AHS, for students to park in the lot they must have a parking pass or else the student will be fined. Student parking passes are 20 dollars at the beginning of the year and 10 dollars at second semester. Parking passes do not roll over into the following year, which means students will pay 20 dollars each year.

Parking passes are important because a car and the owner can be identified by the passes number. There’s no question that parking passes are needed to keep students and teachers safe, but the price is what gets to the students and parents. In the end parking passes are beneficial to the school.

“I feel that parking passes are good things for schools because it ensures students safety and it allows the principals and teachers to be able to identify students cars. I also think student passes are good because if someone snuck onto campus and we saw a car that didn’t have a student pass we might be able to identify the intruder,” junior Kiera Hicks said.

If students fail to acquire a parking pass and decide to park in the lot anyways a 15 dollar fee will be charged. Many students find it odd that tickets for not having a pass is cheaper that buying an actual pass.

“I think its stupid that the tickets are cheaper that the parking pass. I think that students should only have to buy the passes once and not every year,” sophomore Ava Thompson.

Most students feel that the school prices to park are just way too high. Some other schools in AISD don’t have to pay nearly as much. It’s no secret that students opt out of buying a pass and choosing to park on the street of in a nearby lot for free. Not all everyone agrees with the people who park on the road just so they don’t have to pay for a pass, they think it’s unfair. Maybe the school wouldn’t have as much trouble with students failure to get parking passes if the prices lowered.

“At Caprock they only have to pay five dollars for parking. Sometimes I’d rather just pay for the ticket because it’s less that the pass. I don’t really like it when the students park on the street because I had to pay to park in the lot,” junior Nikki Ezbon.