Should Pep Rallies be Year Round?

Ashley Raffkind, Writer

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Everyone has school spirit, and appreciates the weekly pep rallies that follow up to Friday night football games; but should pep rallies be year round?

“Pep rallies should be year round because it encourages school spirit and recognizes all sports not just fall sports,” junior Shandra Ahsan said.

Pep rallies have a purpose to get the school involved and to provide students a chance to show their school spirit while supporting their sports teams. Sports such as cross country, track, wrestling, swimming and tennis are all examples of sports that don’t get a chance to be recognized during the fall pep rallies. If they were year round, then those sports would get the experience of being recognized and supported by the schools student body.

Some people say that pep rallies shouldn’t be year round because they “get boring” or they are just “over them”. Others say they don’t like them because it takes time away from doing their homework or something academically beneficial.

“ Pep rallies take away time from focus to do homework and study for tests. Focus gives me the opportunity to get caught up on homework and missing assignments and to even take tests for other classes. Pep rallies are fun and all, but I would much rather have focus instead of sitting in the gym watching people play games and dance on the court.” junior Kobe Young says.

Focus is a time during the day where students get the opportunity to do homework, study and take tests if they miss school one day. This benefits many students as they are in extracurricular activities and don’t get home till late at night, so they rely on focus the next day to get things done and to catch up on work. They think spending time in focus is more beneficial then going to a weekly pep rally, since pep rallies don’t help them academically.

Instead of having to miss focus once a week, the school could change the class schedules to where students wouldn’t have to miss focus each week. The school board could make the school schedule to where students could have both focus and the pep rallies on Fridays, but just cut the classes down a little bit so there would be time to have it all.

Whether or not people agree with pep rallies being year round or not, they are a chance for the school and student body to gather together and celebrate their sports teams and cheer them on before their big games. Pep rallies should be year round, to not only have something fun to look forward every week but to make the students closer as one student body. With this, everyone can be a cheerleader for their sports teams.

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