Michael Chinia, Writer

After placing first at regionals, the Sandie bowling team, exclusively the varsity team, are now heading to the state competition on the weekend of March 29-30, with varsity member Keedan Hooks making it to singles.

“We came back and, you know, we hadn’t been doing too good all year but we got first,” varsity member Isaiah Seaton said.

Even with practice three times a week and most members scoring exceptionally well, it still came as a surprise to the team when they scored first at regionals. Though the same results in a state competition would require much more motivation and skill, most varsity members believe they have a chance at achieving such an accomplishment. Alongside the qualities of a well-made team, each member has a drive to succeed, not because they feel like they need to, but because they share a drive to do so and it’s this same prominent attitude that brought the team together and got them through first place at regionals and into the state competition.

“We were able to put together a decent team to be able to do it,” team captain Collin Grist said. “I think the team just did all of the work.”