Boys Wrestling Goes to State

Vania Haley, Writer

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Four wrestlers qualified for the State Tournament and two wrestlers, Josh Frisk and Jeff Jackson, competed at the state tournament Feb 22-23. Two other wrestlers qualified but had to withdraw due to injuries.

Senior Josh Frisk placed second at Regionals guaranteeing him a spot at State.  Winning his first match and sadly losing his second two, Josh was not able to medal in State like he hoped too. 

Junior Jeff Jackson placed first in his weight class at Regionals and went to State alongside Josh. Jeff had a great season this year, winning almost every match he competed in. Like Josh, Jeff won his first match and lost his second two, not being able to medal, but placing in the top eight of the state.

“Going to state was exciting because it’s the biggest venue in the sport there’s a lot of eyes watching you. I’m excited to wrestle next year because I’ve been wrestling all my life and it’s what I love,” Jackson said.

Along with Josh and Jeff, four other wrestlers got the chance to experience state with their teammates as alternates. 

“We were in a place with the best of the best and that’s when I realized I had to up my game and that slacking off wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I didn’t do as good as I wanted to this year but had a lot of learning experiences that I’ll use it for next year,” junior Zhunie Subhani said.

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