Top Charts Two Skips Away

Upcoming concerts that are not a hassle for high school students to get to.


Preslie Bentley

The stage explodes with confetti as Shawn Mendes performs his final song.

Preslie Bentley, Writer-

During the school year, teenagers are often overpowered by their activities that they forget to let go and have fun every once in a while. Concerts are a fun atmosphere filled with unity and an enjoyable performance. Here’s a definitive of the upcoming closest concerts.

The next 4 months of 2019 are filled with diverse concerts and festivals with preformers such as Billie Eilish, Luke Combs, Posty Fest, Hillsong United, and many more. These concerts are located in Dallas, Lubbock, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Austin, and right here in our home town.

“There really isn’t a limit on how far I would go to get to a concert!” Iris Hernandez said.

Lots of people would go out of their way to reach their concert destination, but during the school year, the short weekends make it hard to travel. The bigger cities located near us, make it easier to get away for a fun weekend.

Preslie Bentley
Post Malone breaks out the guitar for his acoustic set.

“My favorite concert I’ve ever been to was definitely “Posty Fest”, which was a festival with a bunch of artists,” Faith White said. “The most memorable part was how everyone went crazy at the end. It was really cool to be there with my best friend because I will definitely never forget it.”

According to interviewed students, going to concerts with your friends makes it even more of a blast. It gives the teenagers a great bonding experience that they can look back on years from now.

“My favorite part about concerts is the atmosphere because you know everyone else is there for the same reason you are,” Alexis Escobedo said. “It gives you a sense of unity.”

The artists up on stage tend to reel the audience in for an unforgettable night of singing, dancing, and stopping their ongoing stressed-out minds.