Home Remedies for Colds


Celeste Olivarez, writer

Walk into any classroom and you will see coughing, sniffling and people fighting for the last tissue. The back to school bug has returned and taken over the usually healthy students.

After coming back to school, students experienced colds, fevers and strep throat, due to spreading infections and bacteria. Students shared their recommendations and at-home methods on how to subdue a cold.

“I recommend using Vicks on your chest and feet,” junior, Christian Alarcón said. “It helps you breathe better.”

Congestion passes around to students quickly. Vicks vapor rub smells and works great. It clears congestion and relieves coughs. It can temporarily relieve minor pains and aches.

Another solution is using a saline cleanse. It clears mucus and sinuses by pouring distilled salted water through the nasal cavity.

“I like using a Neti Pot because it works very effectively, but it can be a little uncomfortable while using it,” sophomore, Thomas Dunn said.

While there are methods like those, other students listed more comfortable ways to remedy a cold.

“Drinking hot tea and sleeping a lot makes me feel better,” sophomore, Katy Stabel said.

Hot tea works great during the winter months, especially since the majority of people get sick around that time. Although, these remedies work great, checking with your family physician and getting vaccinated is always recommended.