DialCare Mental Wellness Program Starts Today

Students have a new way to seek mental help with new district program

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DialCare Mental Wellness Program Starts Today

Preslie Bentley, writer

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Some students suffer from mental illnesses but don’t have the capability to speak face to face with a specialist. The new DialCare program has created an online way for students to communicate with professional counselors through text or video chats and is availible to students starting today.

DialCare counselors help treat the common conditions of depression, eating disorders, addiction, relationship problems, anxiety, grief and more.

“What they will not cover is anything that is a crisis,” head counselor, Crissie Davenport said. “If it is during school hours, they will get ahold of the principal liaison officers and it would go that direction so that we could get somebody there immediately.”

They are there to aid with psychological health seven days a week, but in emergency situations they make sure someone is there at the location as soon as possible. Appointments can get scheduled anywhere between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. and last up to 30 minutes for 6th grade and up. Teens under 18 must have parent permission.

“It will give students a chance to have a place where they can be comfortable without getting nervous about being face-to-face,” junior, Faith White said.

The website gives an opportunity to read a full profile about the counselors before scheduling appointments.

“I tend to get easily upset by the things my parents and friends say to me or the actions they perform towards me, so I shut down instead of talking it out,” nameless said, due to the sensitivity of the subject. “If I talked to someone through an app, I could type out everything that is on my mind right then and there.”

Students tend to get stressed and upset over things that happen with their closest family and friends, but users must have parent permission no matter how bad the situation.

“Mr. Vincent wants to make sure everything is in place, so I’m thinking that the program will either be available October 1st or October 2nd,” Davenport said.

Read the flyer below to learn more about DialCare. You can contact them at 844-249-9049 or www.dialcaremv.com