United Way Week Recap


Ella DeSpain, writer

The school held its annual United Way fundraiser to help raise money for local organizations. This year, the fundraiser succeeded in bringing everyone together to give back to the community through fun activities.

United Way is a city campaign that donates money to local organizations. Organizations are able to apply for the money, go through an interview process and receive however much money they may need.  The school’s annual tradition of raising money for United Way goes toward a significant improvement in the community.

The school found many ways to raise money. This year, the school offered homework and hat passes for one dollar each, allowing students to skip a day of homework or wear their favorite hat to school for a day. Singing telegrams were also an option, students could send the PALs (Peer Assisted Leadership) to sing a song of their choice to a classmate or a teacher. United Way week also had a battle of the sexes theme, with an assembly and a penny war to go along with it. Boys and girls participated in the assembly in different events such as hula hooping and mashed potato wrestling. In the penny war, boys and girls competed to see how many pennies each could accumulate and whichever gender won got an hour lunch. The most impressive aspect of the organization lies in the fact that students have the responsibility of deciding which organizations should receive the money raised during United Way week.

“The kids do all of this,” PALs director Katye Bargsley said. “They sit in a meeting and allocate which organizations should get the money.”

This year, the students who participate in PALs suggested a new aspect of the fundraiser and the school hosted its first capture the flag night on campus. Over 170 students participated in the game night and had the chance to run through the school halls in the dark. Admission for the capture the flag night was five dollars, making it one of this year’s biggest earners.

The goal for the fundraiser every year is $10,000. $6,600 has been made so far, and the goal is expected to be met with the money raised from the hour lunch on Nov. 1st. The battle of the sexes assembly usually makes a large profit due to the number of students that attend the assembly during the school day, each one purchasing a three dollar ticket. Homework passes were also a large source of revenue, because who likes doing homework? The important thing, however, is not how the money was raised, but all of the people in the community it will help.