Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Celeste Olivarez, writer

Every year during the month of October, fundraisers and charities celebrate and raise awareness for breast cancer. During October, awareness increases by people participating in charity events, donations and wearing the color pink to represent breast cancer. 

“It’s important to be aware of breast cancer because it can happen to anyone,” sophomore Lauren Freeman said. “If it happens to you, you need to be aware of how to treat it and how to react to it.” 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month aims to influence women to get mammograms, breast screenings and the importance of raising funds for cancer patients.

“A charity event hosted in Amarillo is the Susan G. Komen More Than Pink,” sophomore Devon May said. “My family and I always participate in the walks to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.”

Non-profit charities such as the National Breast Cancer Coalition, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, the Susan G. Komen, and The Pink Fund all provide financial support for breast cancer patients. METAvivor organization brings attention to the public about stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Sometimes, different charities host events such as walks and runs to take action.

“I think young women now have the technology to catch the early signs of breast cancer and can get treatment sooner and prevent hardships,” sophomore Thomas Dunn said. 

1 in every 8 women in the U.S. get diagnosed with breast cancer. Getting an annual mammogram can catch cancer early and can help patients avoid substantial treatment. Women ages 45 to 54 should consider an annual mammogram.