Understanding the Impeachment Argument

Understand what is happening in American Politics


Understanding the impeachment will help to distiquish the truth vs lies on the internet

Aiden Samarron, Writer

According to the nonstop screaming and polarization on both sides of political thought, the primary thing the groups can agree on is that they are in disagreeance. However, one current issue certainly presents itself in the minds of all U.S. politicians: whether Donald Trump in his current position presents an impeachable criminal or untouchable president. 

As of July, the road to impeachment became a long and bumpy trail for the Democratic Party and a trialing defense for the Republicans. The Mueller report failed at maintaining steady American support for presidential removal, whereas multiple Trump tweets and statements have all but soured the character and image of the White House. The stalemate between the two American parties grinded to a halt during early August, in which approval ratings of Trump remained at their highest with 43.1% (according to Project FiveThirtyEight). This “impeachment train” seemed to have lost its steam by mid August, but a development in the quest of removal brought itself to the attention of America by an unknown whistleblower and greased the tracks for another run. The alleged “quid pro quo,” or something for something, between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and President Donald Trump has resulted in outrage from the Democrats, where Trump remains accused of halting military aid in order to start an investigation into Burisma, an oil company that employed the son of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

The development of this story has bolstered the moral of the Democratic party and somewhat harmed the approval of President Trump. The current approval rating of impeachment has hit an all time high of 49% of Americans according to the Washington Post, and has been projected to rise if the ukraine snowball keeps rolling down hill. However surprising, the investigation into Joe Biden’s son has not incurred too much harm as he still leads the democratic polls at three points ahead of Elizabeth Warren as of Nov. 1, 2019.

With the continuing investigation and impeachment inquiry initialized by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, further evidence has yet to provide stable grounds for full-scale impeachment. However, one thing remains true in the polls: this ordeal has significantly hurt the support and approval of President Donald Trump and all but continued the impeachment efforts of the Democratic Party.