Achieving Goals


Preslie Bentley, writer

As a new year starts, many people seem to have the desire for a new start. They make a list of their future accomplishments and how to overcome them in the long run. In all actuality, those who truly reach the finish line is little to none. 

When fully driven with encouragement, focus and accountability, the chances of achieving become more realistic. 

“When I put my mind to it and it’s something that I really want to achieve, then I get it done for sure,” junior Brax Hightower said. 

Studies have shown that approximately 8% of people actually achieve their goals that they have planned to accomplish. Goals need to stand in a reasonable area because some people don’t understand their capabilities. They should fall in the factors of specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART). Setting goals can lead to a powerful journey that helps drive for a good future.

“I believe everyone should set goals because our generation is super lazy, but the goals we reach make us get up and do something to give our lives a purpose,” junior Myra Mba said. “Seeing other people around me that are successful makes me want to be just like them.” 

Goal setting makes an impact on a person’s focus. If fully engaged into these future accomplishments, distractions begin to vanish and focus locks in. They could allow you to become busier and keep you from procrastination. 

“I think my biggest goal would be graduating from medical school someday,” junior Katelynn Rodman said. “I constantly remind myself of what the outcome will be and that the hard work will pay off.” 

Often times, people set goals to reach their full potential and receive clarity on what they want to overcome. Short term goals are easy and take less time, however long term goals can come off as more challenging and require more patience. Although any goal may seem difficult, the final product will trump all the strenuous tasks. 

“Achieving goals makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to,” junior Chloey Coker said. “I work so hard to make those goals reachable so once I achieve them, that specific goal shows me that all the stress and work was worth it.”