AHS Area D Latin Convention 2020


Piper Johnson, writer

The school transformed to ancient Rome on Jan. 26, when the Latin Club hosted the Texas State Junior Classical League Area D Latin competition. 63 Latin students placed in the event.  

Schools from around the area attended the competition including: Ascension junior and high schools, Coronado High School, Palo Duro High School and Odessa Permian High School. The competition consists of multiple categories that allow students to test their Latin knowledge in ancient Greek and Roman culture. These contest vary from academic, history to art and acting.

The top performers in each category, usually the top five places, advance to the state competition March 27-28 at Clear Fall High School in League City.

Senior Jessica Liu, was the Area D chair and convention Coordinator for the event. She helped coordinate this competition and also serves as a member of the TSJCL state wide student Board of Officers. Pranav Yalamanchili also serves on the State Board and is the webmaster for TSJCL.

Here is the complete list of winners:

Shandra Ahsan: 1st, Mottoes IV; 2nd, Latin Literature IV; 2nd, Voc. IV; 1st, Couples’ Costume

Adelynn Austin: 1st, Reading Comprehension IV Advanced Poetry; 5th, Grammar. IV; 3rd, Vocab IV; 4th, Roman Life IV

Brae Barnes: 4th, Latin Derivatives IV; 1st, Reading Comprehension IV AdvancedProse; 5th, Myth. IV; 5th, Roman Life IV; 10th, Models

Camry Bartlett: 1st, Greek Derivatives I

Colton Beebe: 5th, Myth. I; 1st, Sight Rec. I (overall high points medal winner); 1st, Novice Certamen team

Ananya Bharadwaj; 2nd, Vocabulary  III; 1st, Sight Rec. III; 8th, Roman Life III; 1st, Latin Oratory III; 1st, Multimedia Art; 2nd, Advanced Certamen team

Ashwin Bhaskar: 2nd, Latin Derivatives III; 5th, Roman History III; 3rd, Greek Derivatives III; 2nd, Geography and Monuments III

Delaney Bicknell: 1st, Latin Derivatives I; 3rd, Decathlon I

Lillie Blankenship: 2nd, Dramatic Interpretation I (Female Character); 1st, Vocal Ensemble

Elizabeth Bryant: 3rd (tie), Roman History III; 2nd, Latin Literature III; 3rd, Polychromatic

Ben Burks: 2nd, Mottoes II; 1st, Sight Rec. II (overall high score medalist); 5th, Roman Life II

Coralynn Coapland: 4th, Roman Life II

Charlie Crinella: 1st, Roman History I (overall high score medalist); 1st, Geography and Monuments I

Bella Cross; 5th, Grammar I; 6th, Vocab I; 1st, Novice Certamen team

Katherine Curley: 3rd, Latin Derivatives II; 1st, Decathlon II; 3rd, Mixed Media

Grant Denny: 2nd, Roman History III; 6th, Latin Derivatives III; 4th, Greek Life and Lit. III; 1st, Vocal Solo-Tenor/Bass

Rushmita Devulapalli: 4th, Mottoes III; 2nd, Myth. III; 1st, Roman History III; 2nd, Greek History III; 7th, Poetry; 2nd, Advanced Certamen team

Hugo Diaz: 1st, Vocabulary II; 7th, Latin Derivatives II; 4th, Reading Comprehension II

Emily Do: 4th, Mottoes II; 7th, Roman History II; 6th, Greek History II; 9th, Greek . Life and Lit. II; 7th, Monochromatic

Minh Do: 3rd, Roman History IV; 3rd, Roman Life IV; 4th, Greek Derivatives IV

Vinh Do: 5th, Vocabulary I; 1st, Greek Life and Lit. I; 2nd, Greek Derivatives I; 4th, Roman Life I

Shaylee Fairchild: 1st, Vocal Ensemble; 1st, Novice Certamen team

Suha Garasia: 4th, Vocabulary IV; 1st, Greek History IV; 9th, Decathlon; 2nd, Sight Rec. IV; 8th, Latin Derivatives IV; 4th (tie), Mixed Media

Kwynn Guess: 7th, Latin Derivatives IV; 6th, Myth. IV; 2nd, Greek Life and Lit. IV; 5th, Greek Derivatives IV; 5th, Decathlon IV; 1st, Couples’ Costume

Kayla Gutierrez: 7th, Mottoes III; 7th, Myth. III; 8th, Greek Derivatives III; 5th, Polychromatic; 9th, Mixed Media

Levi Ham: 2nd, Greek History II; 2nd, Greek Life and Lit. II

Jackson Harwell: 8th, Latin Derivatives III; 4th, Reading Comprehension III Advanced Prose; 1st, Latin Literature III; 1st, Greek Derivatives III; 4th, Traditional Photography

Olivia Hill: 2nd, Grammar. IV; 1st, Latin Derivatives IV; 2nd, Reading Comprehension IV Advanced Prose; 1st, Geography and Monuments IV; 7th, Decathlon IV

Brooklyn Howard: 6th, Grammar. II; 6th, Vocabulary II; 4th, Latin Derivatives II; 3rd, Reading Comprehension II; 6th (tie), Decathlon II

Bishop Jesko: 4th (tie), Myth. I

Hermela Kahsai: 2nd, Reading Comprehension I; 8th, Decathlon I; 2nd, Sight Rec. I; 4th, Vocabulary I

Jonathan Kelley: 1st, Latin Derivatives Vet; 1st, Myth. Vet.

Josiah Miller: 3rd, Latin Derivatives III; 2nd, Reading Comprehension III Advanced Prose; 3rd, Vocabulary III; 2nd, Advanced Certamen team

Emily Kus: 5th, Latin Derivatives I; 4th (tie), Myth. I

Wendy Lambert: 6th, Myth. II; 7th, Geography and Monuments II; 3rd, Class. Art II; 5th, Decathlon II; 3rd, Monochromatic

Jessica Liu: 3rd, Latin Literature IV; 4th, Greek  Life and Lit. IV; 3rd, Sight Rec. IV; 1st, Latin Oratory IV; 1st, Illustrated Quotations

Sydni Lovett: 2nd (tie) Oil and Acrylic

Asof Martinez: 3rd, Sight Rec. I

Cee Cee McGowan: 5th, Greek Derivatives I; 1st, Myth. I

Cadence McKinney: 1st, Novice Certamen team

Josiah Miller: 3rd, Latin Derivatives III; 2nd, Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose; 3rd, Vocabulary III; 1st, Costume Male Character

Foster Moore: 2nd, Grammar. I; 3rd, Latin Derivatives I; 3rd, Reading Comprehension I; 4th, Decathlon I; 2nd, Roman Life I

Turner Mulhall: 1st, Vocal Ensemble

Cat Nenstiel: 1st, Dramatic Interpretation. (Female Character)

Han Nguyen: 1st, Class. Art I; 9th (tie) Monochromatic; 1st, Novice Certamen team

Kenny Phan: 2nd, Myth. I; 2nd, Roman History I; 2nd, Greek History I; 4th, Greek. Derivatives I

Frannie Quinn: 7th, Vocabulary I; 1st, Novice Certamen team

Mehtan Rahman: 1st, Reading Comprehension I (overall high score medalist); 1st, Decathlon I; 1st, Grammar. I (overall high score medalist); 1st, Vocabulary 1; 1st, Novice Certamen team

Vishal Reddy: 3rd, Mottoes IV; 2nd, Myth. IV; 4th, Decathlon IV; 2nd, Greek Derivatives IV; 6th, Monochromatic

Ethan Reeves: 4th, Roman History II; 7th, Greek History II; 3rd, Greek Life and Lit. II; 6th, Roman Life II

Giovani Rivera, 4th, Sight Rec. I

Abigail Rodriguez: 3rd, Reading Comprehension III Advanced Prose; 9th (tie) Monochromatic

Isabella Rogers: 6th, Grammar. IV; 8th, Myth. IV; 3rd, Geography and Monuments IV; 2nd, Greek History IV; 1st Mosaic

Kaitlyn Rubinski: 5th, Latin Literature III; 5th, Greek History III; 2nd (tie) Oil and Acrylic; 1st, Mixed Media

Lilyan Sabri: 9th, Vocabulary II; 10th, Myth. II; 4th, Class. Art II; 5th, Monochromatic

Rohit Saralaya: 1st, Grammar. III; 1st, Decathlon III; 1st, Dramatic Interpretation III (Male Character) (overall high score medalist); 1st, Vocabulary III (overall high score medalist); 1st, Latin Derivatives III (overall high score medalist); 2nd, Advanced Certamen team

Amanda Scott: 3rd (tie), Roman History III; 3rd, Class. Art III; 4th, Monochromtic

Susanna Terrell: 5th, Latin Derivatives III; 1st, Mottoes III; 7th, Greek Derivatives III, 4th, Geography and Monuments III; 6th, Decathlon III; 1st, Miscellaneous Art

Preecha Trakulwatanachai: 4th, Poetry

Jaxon Walls: 1st, Latin Literature II

Callie Wright: 6th, Mottoes II; 8th, Classical Art II; 2nd, Sight Rec. II; 1st, Watercolor/Pastels

Pranav Yalamanchili: 1st, Reading Comprehension V Advanced Prose; 2nd, Roman History V; 1st, Geography and Monuments V (overall high score medalist – tie); 3rd, Decathlon V; 1st, Roman Life V

Caleb Young: 7th, Myth. II; 1st, Roman Life II; 6th, Geography and Monuments II; 1st, Classical Art II (overall high score medal winner); 6th (tie), Decathlon II; 3rd, Models

Jeff Zheng: 1st, Latin Derivatives II; 1st, Reading Comprehension II (overall high score medalist); 1st, Myth. II; 3rd, Greek Derivatives II