Beating Quarantine 15


Piper Johnson, writer

A new phrase has popped up on social media, the “Quarantine 15.” Ever since quarantine started, people started to gain concern about their weight due to boredom eating, stress eating, and gyms closing down.  Many people wonder how to not gain the quarantine 15 and maintain their weight, and many experts have ways to help. 

Maintain your everyday routine

While it may seem easier to stay up late, sleep, eat, sit around, sticking up to your everyday routine will not only help with not gaining weight, but also stress. Stick to your normal eating schedule, if you got up early and ate at a certain time and then didn’t eat again until noon, try to stick to those habits. Maintaining a food routine helps with stress and anxiety, which considerably play key factors for physical and mental health. 

Make smart choices at the grocery store

During these troubling times, people have tended to stock up and hoard food, which is causing unhealthy eating habits. Just because you buy larger amounts of an item doesn’t mean the choices are healthier. The smarter choice is to buy frozen vegetables and meats over canned goods, as canned good have higher amounts of sodium. If you do not have the freezer space, try to find canned foods that contain low sodium. One expert recommends trying out whole foods and new nutrition recipes over processed food, while also managing portion sizes. 

Find time for exercise

Carving out time in your day to exercise will help you prevent unintentional weight gain and help manage stress. Exercising can consist of walking around the neighborhood with friends, to YouTube an intense home workout. A very popular home workout, Chloe Ting, on YouTube, she has a wide variety of workouts that will maintain a healthy body. Exercising can reduce stress which will lead to better sleep that can help cut down emotional eating. If you do not contain exercise equipment in your house, household items like water jugs, bulks of food, and books can help you stay fit. 

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Little things like sticking to what you did before quarantine, making healthier decisions at the grocery store, and exercising help you stay in shape in this difficult time.