2020 Recap

How Distance Brought People Together


Faith White, Writer

The mass of people came together as one as they bursted out in excitement, “Happy New Year,” unaware of just how different life would become in 2020. The seemingly never ending list of negative occurrences piled up as each new month came. Despite overwhelming loss, the value of perseverance and the will to face fears overcame all people.

People all over the world raved with excitement for the year that was meant to bring “2020 vision” and luck to all. January started strong, but fell apart quickly as the news of unbeatable wildfires in Australia spread across the nation. The world came together to support the homes of people and wildlife that disintegrated by the second. The fires burned a record of 47 million acres, devastating and displacing many people. As the news of the Australian flames began to settle, the world stood still when word got out that beloved basketball star, Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash on January 26. Kobe, along with his daughter Gianna Bryant and seven others, will be grieved and remembered forever. 

The second month of the never ending year brought political debates and separation of people due to opinions towards the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, followed by his acquittal on February 5. Ukraine investigators made claims that Trump hired an investigator to look into Joe Biden and other Biden family members. As facts came to light, the charges dropped against President Trump and his presidency remained.

March left everyone stunned as it brought in the global pandemic known as COVID-19. The coronavirus caused the stock market to fumble and shutdowns of public places across the nation. It seemed as though life as people knew it caved in around all of society. The social aspect of life that humans depend on became ripped away and replaced with isolation. Corona went from a joke heard throughout the hallways to a force that has consumed all lives. What students thought of as two extra weeks of spring break came to be a quarantine that lasted months. 2020 seniors faced devastation as their senior prom and traditional graduation disappeared, but ensured safety for all involved. Since the first outbreak in the United States, over 389,000 deaths have occurred due to the virus. Although time spent in quarantine confused and frustrated many, it brought on new trends such as TikTok, whipped coffee, and Tiger King. Forcing people into a state of loneliness caused many to discover how important human interaction truly is.

As the year reached May, a new wave of social issues came to light. The death of George Floyd caused a domino effect of outrage amongst people who began to protest against police brutality and racial injustice. Riots and protests filled the streets of many major cities as June approached. People came together for the first time since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, both figuratively and literally, to stand up against discrimination. The movement started many petitions and organizations to get their voices heard. Many police departments worked with the protestors in order to regain peace amongst the cities that had been demolished during fighting as well as accommodate the needs of those given incorrect treatment in the past. Citizens united despite the different outlooks in order to help all parties involved.

August filled the news with more statistics about the Coronavirus. Warnings of the importance of social distancing and masks filled the news. Just when people began to think that the pandemic had become the only subject that seemed newsworthy, word of an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon reached many screens and sources. The explosion killed over 200 people and left 6,000 injured. Donations and help poured in as many families had to deal with overcoming losses and the effects of the accident. The random presence of “murder hornets” in the U.S., another random news headline for the year. These insects, also known as the Asian giant hornet, scared many. The news of the hornets went away as quickly as they came when studies showed that the insects only became deadly to other insects, mainly bees.

September brought a new outlook on school as many students returned back to a place that they separated from for so long. With the pandemic still inciting fear among many, schools offered a virtual option for families choosing to keep their children at home. Virtual students are provided with Chromebooks and online assignments, providing them with the option of at home classes and less exposure to the virus. The environment inside the school walls changed as well. The presence of desk shields, face masks, and social distancing signs can be found amongst every classroom. The staff, faculty, and students continue to work together to create a positive learning environment despite the space between them. 

The next month brought in the news of President Trump testing positive for Coronavirus. Trump went to the Walter Reed Hospital where he received treatment for three days before he was released. At this point in the year, WHO (World Health Organization) released statistics claiming that 10% of the world’s population had reached infected with Coronavirus, about 20 times more cases than confirmed. 

The beginning of November started with the United States Presidential election. Many awaited to hear the outcomes as states counted in person and mail-in votes. Former Vice-President Joe Biden and California Senator Kamala Harris became the first to surpass 270 electoral college votes, making them the President-Elect and Vice-President-Elect heading into the new year. However, speculations involving incorrect counting of votes delayed the official election results as many states recounted the votes, sometimes multiple times to insure correct counts.  As the holidays approached, many traditional Thanksgiving gatherings looked different, leaving smaller attendance at meals and a lack of traveling. The countdown to Christmas had officially begun, resulting in concern for what the holidays will look like. Staying mindful of others’ health and remaining socially distant can save lives during this difficult time

Heading into 2021, hope for a better and more positive year excites the world. Early stages of vaccine rollout could eventually lead to less social distancing, opening of more public places, and the possibility of travel gives a reason to remain positive. People must remain united and remember to fight the sickness, not each other.