Tis The Season to be Thankful

Students express what they are thankful for this season


Maryam Adnan, Writer

The season of thankfulness is here. The time to reflect on the things that make life special and help get though tough times or the things that just give a sense of comfort and peace. Below is what Sandies are thankful for. 


Many students value their families and the people that they can go home to every day.

 “I’m really thankful for my family, and the time I get to spend with them,” freshman Cooper Manning said.


Other students feel grateful for people who do not share blood with them but feel as close as family in their eyes.

“I’m really thankful for my best friend Carter because she’s always been there for me,” freshman Pressley Knox said.


Students who play sports treat their team as if they exist as a second family. The older members especially, make sure to take care of the newer ones and offer them help when needed.

 “I’m really thankful for my team, I play golf, and every one of my teammates has been really kind,” freshman Haleigh Nash said. “They’ve always been by my side, whether I had a good day or a bad one it didn’t matter, they were always there for me.”


Many student feel grateful for their pets as often pets are there in times when people are not. 

“I’m thankful for my dog and my cat so much that they’re even on my phone case, so they’ll be with me all day,” junior Faith Dowell said.

The Meal

Some students also appreciate the smaller and simpler things in life, such as just having a nice meal to eat.

 “I’m thankful for all the food I get to eat,” sophomore Creed Perkins said.


People do not only find thankfulness for objects or others, some also find appreciation for their ideas, morals, and beliefs.

“I’m thankful for a sturdy church I can go to,” sophomore John-Kyle Sparkman said.


Many have thankfulness for their health. They also cherish that they can spend every day happy and able.

“I’m thankful to be healthy and able to go out and play football with my friends,” senior Noah Valdez said.