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Show Your Support By Participating In Student Section Themes For 2020 Home Games


Preslie Bentley, Editor


After years long suspension from school themes, principals will allow the school to bring back some extra school spirit at the 2020 home football games. For this year’s graduating class, the hope of having any normalization has become minimized, but with the approval of themes, students can become extra involved and make memories at the home games. 

2020 has been anything but exciting since COVID pushed back the starting date for school, canceled the homecoming parade, and put many students and teachers in quarantine. One of the few things to look forward to as a student is being involved in the excitement of home games. 

“Being involved makes the football team and everyone else around you more hyped up for what is happening in the moment,” senior cheerleader, Chloey Coker said. “It makes it seem like everyone is having a good time and that makes the game more enjoyable. It brings lasting memories rather than just boring football game memories.”

Showing up to a game all decked out in a certain color or theme shows inclusion between students. Every student who comes to support the school in that night’s color or theme will make genuine high school memories. Not to mention the encouragement and positivity a united student section brings to our players on the field.   

“I think the biggest thing is that the student section brings us more energy especially during big moments,” senior football captain Will Maynard,  said. “We play to make our student body proud so having them there just means a lot.”

There are basic and simple theme nights so everyone will feel comfortable participating in the school spirit. The themes for the 2020 home football season include pink out, black and gold, color block, and college night. Showing up and showing out will prove to both the football team and our competition that we have the school spirit and excitement needed to make the most of those 4 quarters.  

“I think themes will improve student section involvement because they will want to dress up. . . dressing up makes it seem like we have a student section,” Coker said. “When you are dressed up, for some reason it makes you want to be more involved with the things happening around you….”