The Sandstorm

Vaporwave, a style of music invented in the 80's electronic sound, is still relevent

When Music Goes Electronic

December 18, 2019

As Septemmber 11 remebrances happen, it is a time for students to reflect on remembrance

A Moment To Reflect

October 24, 2019

Remember September 11

Remember September 11

September 24, 2019

Ocean Pollution

Ocean Pollution

April 1, 2019

Should Students Pay for Parking Passes?

Vania Haley, Writer

January 29, 2019

At AHS, for students to park in the lot they must have a parking pass or else the student will be fined. Student parking passes are 20 dollars at the beginning of the year and 10 dollars at second semester. Parking passes do not...

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