News Years Resolutions

This Year: Make Goals That Stick


Tori Thompson, Writer

The time to assemble New Year’s Resolutions and gather goals for this year has arrived! 2020 was a disorderly year, so realistically set your goals to be accomplished easily. Although setting a diet plan and going to the gym are good resolutions to set, instead focus more on mental health, friendships and hobbies.

Before making a resolution list, create natural and realistic goals. When constructing a goal, make it attainable. For example, instead of making a strict diet and workout plan to keep up with, aim for reasonable goals. This will guide your goals to become simple everyday things that become easy to achieve.

Next, think of the pros and cons of your goals. How will this benefit me in 2021? Will this develop a different person? After achieving the goals, track your progress and reward it. This does not mean completely let go and throw your improvement away, but celebrate with something that you enjoy that does not contradict your goals. 

Considering the tools for a New Year’s Resolution list, come up with goals. Clean up your social media accounts, discover the work and life balance that works for you, and find more hobbies that mold you into a happier person. 2020 definitely took a toll on all of us, but 2021 gives the opportunity to eliminate the negatives and seek more positives.