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    Winter Outfits

    Raina Burusnukul

    With the upcoming winter season, everyone wants to stay safe and warm. This means finding good winter clothes that will keep many from catching a seasonal cold. Everyone has seen those terrible long, thick winter jackets that most would not come close to wearing. So, instead here are some winter closet staples and outfit ideas that will make anyone a fashionista. For a better alternative: 

    The puffer jacket stands as the most trendy coat out there. With its versatility, it has to be a winter staple. The puffer coat can be dressed up or dressed down. There is insulation, which works perfectly for the winter season, and it has a pleasant fit. For a more dressed-up look: pair ivory-colored jeans or pants with ivory or cream-colored turtleneck shirts. Then, add ivory or beige puffer jacket, a similar colored shoe, and accessories with gold jewelry. This outfit will make anyone ready for a night out.

    For a simple, dressed-down look, try a light-colored sweat-pant with a beige or ivory sweatshirt/crew neck,light-colored puffer jacket. Add gold jewelry, white sneakers, and a light brown handbag for accessories. 

    Again with versatility and trendiness in mind, flare yoga pants continue to make a huge comeback. These comfortable pants come in different colors which makes them fun and easier to style. The best way to style flare black-colored yoga pants with a dark-colored sweatshirt, and a white turtleneck shirt underneath for some color. To glam this look again add gold jewelry (try layering the necklace), a shoulder bag, white sneakers, and a pair of sunnies. This outfit perfectly matches running errands on a chilly day, or just hanging out with some friends. 

    Oversize wool coats remain timeless, and it can seem intimidating to dress. Do not worry because these coats have a lot of potential, especially with the cold weather coming up. The most effortless way to pair an oversize wool coat with an outfit must include a plain white hoodie, blue mom jeans, and white Converse (or any white high-top shoes). For the finishing touches add a tan bag and gold jewelry. This outfit not only scares Miss Fashion vibes but also “I’ve got my life together” vibes.  

    Shoes have a large impact on how each outfit turns out, especially leather boots. These boots have the capability to make people look powerful and stylish at the same time, exactly the definition of a fashionista. So, to acquire a girl boss look match a black turtleneck shirt with a black a-line skirt, a pair of black stockings, an oversize black blazer, and black booties. This monochromatic outfit best pairs with a black and gold purse, gold necklace, rings, and earrings, and to put the cherry on top add a pair of over-sized rectangle sunglasses.   

    With the basic fashion necessities, anyone can create an aesthetically pleasing winter outfit. Now, no more ugly Christmas sweats, ugly thick winter leggings, and weirdly made long stiff coats. So, give these outfits and clothing pieces a try, it could open a new vogue era. 

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    Ploy Xeunvilay
    Ploy Xeunvilay, Writer
    Hi! I'm Ploy and this is my second year on staff. Throughout the year I've grown to love writing and the people around me. I have made some long-term friendships that I'm so grateful for. Every day I come into class with no idea what to expect, and I leave with the biggest smile. Not only will I remember being a Sandie news staff forever, but I also have hilarious stories to tell later on.
    Raina Burusnukul
    Hello! My name is Raina Burusnukul, and I am a senior this year. I’m apart of NHS and Student Council here at AHS and am passionate about playing a part in bettering our community. I was also a part of last year’s newspaper staff, and am ecstatic to be an editor this year. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!