Quiz: Your Role in the Friend Group


1.) You would stop on the side of the road during a trip:
a. Because you ran out of gas.
b. Because you got lost
c. To help a wounded animal.
d. To take a picture with a road side attraction.
e. To take a picture of some wild flowers and/or mountains.
f. You only made the trip because you’re (a)’s friend and brought them gas.

2.) You have to go on a school camping trip. You:
a. Go canoeing with a big group and cause the boat to tip over. Then you start an impromptu water fight.
b. Just go along with the group activities, listen to some funny campfire stories, and don’t cause much trouble. You needed help from person (f) to make the s’mores, but you remembered the bug spray that (c) forgot.
c. Keep to yourself with a good book and camp snacks. You did forget bug spray though.
d. Hang-out in your tent with friends watching Netflix and using someone’s phone as a hot-spot.
e. Had your mom call you in sick. Camping is really not your thing.
f. Take the lead on the class hike then teach everyone how to make s’mores.

3.) In a carpool you are:
a. Master of the Aux-Cord: You have the best playlists and can vibe with anyone in the car.
b. Manager of the Snack Bag: They all gave you $2, but you spent $50 on animal crackers and gold fish. No one will go hungry.
c. Holder of the Back Window: Easily gets car sick. Wants to read, but that would only make you nauseous. Has quick access to the window for that reason.
d. The Mighty Asker of the Bathroom: Always has to go. At least you are hydrated. Everyone is secretly thankful for you, but won’t admit it.
e. At Risk for Being Bored: Brings nothing to entertain themselves, but ends up talking to every person in the car and starts the license plate game. Was the little kid who asked “are we are there yet.”
f. The Life Preserver (aka driver). The only person who could keep everyone alive and get them safely there and back.

4.) You slept through your alarm the day of your final. What do you do?
a. Give up. It’s too late. How much will this really affect your grade?
b. Frantically email the teacher to see if you can make it up.
c. Spend 10 minutes crying while you cuddle the animal closest to you. It’s just too overwhelming to think.
d. Go back to bed. This happens to you a lot.
e. Text your friend to tell the teacher you are on the way. You show up in your pajamas after speeding to school.
f. Check the time and see it’s 12:00 a.m. not noon. You freaked out for nothing.

5.) You walk into a coffee shop. Why are you there?
a. You arrive late to meet up with a group of friends. You also pay for the one friend who forgot money.
b. You drink tea, but you are not above ordering just to take a picture with your coffee cup.
c. You were invited by a friend. You find a table to wait, aka scroll through your phone, for them to arrive before ordering.
d. Coffee sounds good. You stop by on a whim and end up running into half the town.
e. You are on your way to work. You enjoy the environment so much that you are now the barista and half the clothes you own smell like coffee.
f. You are coming to study for school. They baristas already know your order. It’s more like your second home.

6.) If you were a shirt, what would you be?
a. Tank top: on trend and easy to workout in.
b. Crewneck: always cold, but you still look cute.
c. Hoodie: just makes you feel safe and hidden.
d. That odd piece of clothing you got from Grandma at Christmas: you promised her you would wear it.
e. Graphic Tee: get to express your creative side.
f. Sweater: comfortable and professional.

7.) In class you are:
a. Never missing an opportunity to crack a joke. Most outgoing in class.
b. Enjoying talking to your friends. This is your social hour.
c. Trying to keep to yourself. If you do not speak maybe other’s won’t speak to you.
d. Not in class. That’s right, this teacher doesn’t take attendance. Why show up? Just hang out with your friends outside of school.
e. Just trying to graduate. You’ve lost all motivation but still need to pass.
f. Acing every test. You turn in your work before the due date and take every extra credit opportunity.

8.) At family dinners you:
a. Never get lectured at the meal.  You volunteer to help clean up while cracking some great jokes. You don’t live here, but you are best friends with (c).
b. Are on time, get asked too many questions, severed a second helping of everything, and have to help clean up.
c. Show up on time and bring the side salad that everyone loves, however, (b) got the credit for bringing it. Tries to talk, but gets interrupted all the time. Has massive middle child vibes.
d. Arrive late but tell the funniest stories. Is actually the favorite child and the youngest.
e. Get to talk the whole time due to a healthy friendship with your parents.  Must be the only child.
f. Arrive early and help set the table. Try to keep up the favorite child image. Oldest child for sure.


Burchett, Amy