Trick or Treat to Win


Aidan Anderson, Writer

The trick or treating experience depends a lot on how good the neighborhood is. Several factors like the quality and types of candy, the lighting, safety of the area and walkability of the neighborhood are important determinants for this year’s festivities.

Beginning with The Colonies, the candy blows the other neighborhoods out of the water, as the elusive king-sized candy bar may get collected here. The Colonies has excellent lighting and walkability, definitely making this neighborhood one of the best places to trick-or-treat in as you can easily travel around the area and see the path ahead even during the dimly lit evening hours. In light of safety, The Colonies stands high above the rest as little crime happens here so safety is not huge concern. Overall, The Colonies sits as one of the better places to do any trick-or-treating this year.

Now to Sleepy Hollow. this neighborhood ranks well on candy types, similar to The Colonies, although the likely hood of collecting many king-sized bars is less. When it comes to lighting, walkability, and layout, Sleepy Hollow drops below the other neighborhoods. Lighting in the area feels weaker and the layout seems like a maze, but it has decent walkability. For these reasons alone, Sleepy Hollow already drops below The Colonies in a clear fashion. Just like in The Colonies, safety is not a concern. Crime rates sink low in this area, and the suburban family-like setting gives the neighborhood a feel of safety. Overall Sleepy Hollow, while not as good as The Colonies, ranks high as one of your better options to trick-or-treat in.

For the final neighborhood, Bishop Hills. In Bishop Hills the candy types vary and have decent quality. In regard to walkability, this neighborhood does not meet the bar set by previous neighborhoods, as multiple hills are present and almost no paved areas to walk on. Lighting in the area also falls below the previously mentioned neighborhoods. The layout of the area leaves something on the table. When it comes to safety, Bishop Hills ranks well. Bishop Hills has low crime compared to the rest of Amarillo. Overall, the choice of this neighborhood over alternatives would show small intellect compared to those who choose Sleepy Hollow or The Colonies. 

In final rankings, The Colonies wins the number one spot as the best place to trick-or-treat in out of the neighborhoods listed. Sleepy Hollow gets second place, and Bishop Hills with a sad third place as the worst of these three best places to trick-or-treat in. However, all three of these neighborhoods are some of the best options for your Halloween festivities this year. Also don’t forget about the other surrounding neighborhoods. Ridgecrest has hosted haunted houses and haunted walk throughs and Belmar sees less traffic, so the candy output is greater.