Beating Winter Break Boredom


Audrey Boissonneault , Writer/ Junior Editor

As winter break closes in on Sandies, questions will arise of how to spend those three weeks away from school. Specifically, activities that can be performed at home without needing to leave the house. 

While maybe not a favorite of parents, video gaming can prove a great way to waste away time. If watching home renovation shows excites anyone, then House Flipper would provide a great time for them. House Flipper forces the player to perform monotonous tasks in exchange for in-game currency. Players can then decorate their own homes with said currency, and it just serves as an easygoing time.

Now on the opposite side of the spectrum, there is archery. Cheap archery kits are available on Amazon. Despite some possible safety concerns, archery relieves considerable amounts of stress so it could serve as a distraction from any holiday problems. Just don’t shoot around small children, pets, cars or windows. 

Many fast-food places will close on Christmas so instead one could learn some cooking to carry themselves over to the next day. Home-cooked meals will prove a delicious and gratifying way to pass by time. Some quick and easy recipes include potato soup, brownies, and maybe some homemade pizzas!

In all, each of these has its own benefits so choose one that feels natural. Variety should also take priority, as doing one thing continuously can feel tedious. So have fun over the break and go about it with a positive attitude!