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    Tips for AP Testing

    Graphic By: Raina Burusnukul

    Oh no…

     I totally forgot to study for that.

    Going into the second semester, many events will take place including the infamous series of Advance Placement (AP) testing. AP testing usually occurs at the beginning of May, which leaves 5 months for preparation and another semester full of unattainable knowledge. Like hundreds of students around the United States, no one knows how to fully prepare for the big exam, so a few tips should not harm anyone.

    Starting off strong, do not buy the 30-dollar, 50-inch thick study guidebooks recommended everywhere, it will only waste space under the bed. Instead, take advantage of the vast array of free online study guides. Many people post videos on Youtube over AP units that summarize information effectively. These online resources will not only help save money, time and space, but they will also refresh the brain with helpful and vital information needed to ace the test. Kahn Academy also provides AP study guides that have proven to help with scores. 

     Many students think outside the box when trying to receive help studying, but they often forget to use the resources right in front of them. Teachers at school will most likely help any students who ask for it, as they acquire their knowledge from College Board: the main source for AP classes. They can help students grasp the concept of the course and give good explanations of the harder units.

    Students can study for these exams in many different ways, however knowing the format of the test and the question is crucial to understanding the test. Diving head-first into the exam without any prior knowledge can lead to serious failure. AP tests contain formatting and wording like no other standardized testing, so getting a hang of the question, knowing the set of the test, and managing time will create a smoother test process.

    Although most of the studying for the exam takes place weeks or even months prior, students can also prepare a few days before the test, the night before, or even minutes before. Preparing days before should include: knowing the testing area, going over takeaway topics and focusing on units one struggles on. The night before should include packing a bag of essential materials, eating a hearty dinner and trying not to stress over the exam. And, at the very last minute before the test, take a couple deep breaths and do not go into panic mode or all the knowledge obtained within the past month will fly away. 

    Good luck to all students taking any AP testing in early May. Remember this test cannot and will not define you, so do the best you can. DO NOT PANIC.

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