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Fall Semester Superintendent Scholar

Graphic By: Raina Burusnukul

The district recognized Superintendent Scholars in an assembly on Feb. 2

This title is meant to encourage students to work hard in their studies and keep focus in school. The superintendent motivates students, especially the seniors, as many have accumulated almost eight consecutive semesters of the award. 

“As a senior, my only reason for having good grades at the moment is because I want eight semesters,” Senior Sophie Young said.

In order to qualify as a Superintendent Scholar, students must earn a 95 or a higher combined semester average in on-level classes or a 90-semester average or higher in PreAP, AP and IB classes. 

“I think those kids use it to incentives themselves to set a goal,” Counselor Leslie Mccaslin said. 

Grades also must be from at least five classes for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors students and four classes for seniors. These classes include core classes, music, art and many more.    

“The only courses that do not count are some local credit courses that wouldn’t have counted for credit like extra cheerleading classes they don’t count,” Mccaslin said. “Also athletics courses don’t count but most everything else does.” 

In order to recognize all the hard work these students put in, the school holds a ceremony to celebrate them. Students shake the Superintendent’s hand and receive some sort of small prize. They also receive a long lunch which allows them to go out to eat with their family and friends. With this title, students have many benefits and it allows them to show off their academic success. 

“I think it looks good on a college application and scholarship applications,” Senior Michael Carathers said. “It shows the quality of a student you, are that’s probably the biggest thing.” 

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