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    Picking Class Schedules


    As counselors begin handing out choice sheets at the beginning of the spring semester, students will begin to choose classes and plan their schedules for next year.  

    Deep thought and consideration go into choosing next year’s classes. Students must consider a number of things before making their decision like what they are required to take, what will benefit their future, and what they will enjoy.

    “Classes they should take will depend on what they are interested in, what they want to do after high school, and what they still need left to graduate,” Counselor Leslie Mccaslin said.

    Each year students must take four core classes, that may consist of either regular, AP (advanced placement), DC (dual-credit) or the newly added, OnRamps. Other than that, students may choose between a list of offered electives and optional classes.

    “The four cores are non-negotiable, but for electives, you will be more successful and enjoy the class more if you are interested,” Counselor Jana Stansell said. “You might take a class by chance and it might be a life-changing class for you.”

    Although choosing next year’s classes might seem like a big deal, every decision made can be changed. No decision made on these choice sheets is permanent.

    “There are chances to change your mind if something comes up that seems like a better idea,” Mccaslin said. “We’ll send out course request lists before school is out so you can double-check what classes we have down for you. You can always come talk to or email your counselor about your schedule if you are concerned by it.” 

    Challenging classes can help prepare students for college. Choosing classes depends on the student, but the counselors recommend taking classes that will challenge them. 

    “I encourage students to try classes that they believe will be hard,” Counselor Darren Janssen said. “Advanced, AP, Onramps, or dual credit are designed to help us grow as learners. I like to compare it to sports. If every workout is easy, the games will be hard. That is the same with the lessons in school and life.”

    Counselors organize and finalize every single student’s schedule, so if there are any questions, the right people to contact include Lesie Mccaslin, Gina Law, Darren Janssen, Jana Stansell or Sharra Karrh. 

    “It’s a lot of work…Every year there are new classes added in and old ones taken off so there is a constant adjustment of the form,” Mccaslin said. “Then we also have to coordinate that with what AmTech will be offering. It’s really a living document that changes every year. Mrs. Stansell has been working on this year’s choice sheets since September.”

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