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    The Rise of the Ocarina

    Graphic By: Raina Burusnukul

    Due to the sudden popularization of Ocarinas because of influencers, people who have no previous instrument experience have started showing interest in the music world.

    The best-known version of the Ocarina, the Italian ocarina, was created by Giuseppe Donati in 1853. He transformed it from a widely known child’s toy to a genuine instrument with a wider range of vocals for professional playing. The instrument first gained popularity in the U.S. after the release of the video game “The Ocarina of Time” and has since gained a larger following due to a rise in ocarina-oriented influencers. One of these influencers, known as the Freckled Zelda, has grown a following of over seven million followers watching her play on TikTok; She also participated in America’s Got Talent while receiving positive feedback from the judge Heidi Klum. 

    “You nailed that,” Klum said. “I loved it. You have an amazing voice and I thought the potato flute (Ocarina) was really cool too, and I love that you are unique and different.”

    Following a similar path to the Freckled Zelda, David Erick Ramos is another Ocarina influencer who posts reviews and tutorials regarding the instrument. With the knowledge of the ocarina, he also co-authored a book titled “Serious Ocarina Player- The Fundamentals of Excellent Performance” with fellow player, Robert Hickman. 

    “One of the biggest challenges when it comes to Ocarinas is the lack of resources that are out there,” Ramos said. “Whether it’s reviews to know which Ocarina to buy next, tutorials for your favorite song, or finding new music you didn’t know was possible with the Ocarina.”

    With influencers like Ramos and the Freckled Zelda, more people have started to look into learning this instrument. However, a major difference between the qualities that needs understanding, with many brands and materials producing low-quality versions of the instrument. One of the most beginner-friendly versions, the “Night by Noble” Ocarina, can be found on the St. Louis Ocarina website or Amazon and provides a good cheap start for anyone interested in learning. 

    “I would recommend getting the plastic Night by Noble,” Influencer Andy Cormier said. “I have always recommended the Night by Noble as a starter Ocarina because it is reliable and if anything is out of tune, you know that it is an issue you can fix, rather than the instrument having tuning issues since these things are consistent. The instrument will not hold you back in any shape or form.”

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