Theater Department Places at UIL Bi-District


Graphic By: Raina Burusnukul

Axel Willis, Writer

After making it through the District UIL competition, the theater department placed as an alternate cast for Bi-District competition. 

Theater placed second in District competition, which made them eligible to go to Lubbock to compete in Bi-District on March 22-23. At Bi-District, the department placed as Alternate Cast. However, they earned many awards during both competitions including honorable mention all-star cast, all-star cast, best overall tech and best light technician. The department performed the play, Bluestockings, which is about women’s right to graduate in the late 1800s at Girton College in Cambridge.

“I love the story that we tell, I think it’s an important story,” Director Alexandra Obenhaus said. “Especially with the current political climate of the world.”

Bluestockings portrays the story of four female college students who campaign for the right to vote and experience misogyny; prejudice against women. Throughout the story, women and men join together for women’s rights.

“[Mr.Banks] was willing to risk his reputation to be able to teach women,” senior actor Aiden Hendrick said.

The male teacher, Mr.Banks, stands up for women’s rights through intense scenes and emotions which contributed to the advancement to Bi-District.

“It was very exciting,” junior actor Alison Price said. “I remember last year we just made it to District, so I got to experience a lot of new things with a bunch of new people.” 

The theater department did not go on to perform at Area.

“Of course it would have been fun to advance, go stay at more hotels, perform our show again and see how far we could have gone, but I think it’s also exciting to do a Variety show and have one last show with our seniors before they go,” Price said.

Obenhaus, Hendrick and Price agreed that if they had the chance, they would change nothing in reference to the play or competition. 

“I was really proud of the performance and really proud of the kids,” Obenhaus said.