Harmonies for Hitting the Books

Ella DeSpain, writer

There is a soundtrack to every student’s life and listening to music in class can help students stay focused and perform better on their schoolwork, no matter what genres interest them. From classical to country, all types of music help students study in one way or another.

When balancing studying with another activity, 87% of people choose listening to music. Adding a playlist to a study session can make it easier to memorize information and reduce stress. Studies show that songs with a slow tempo and few lyrics work best for focusing.

“I usually have a classical playlist on while studying and working,” junior Alexis Escobedo said.

Classical music is the most popular genre for studying because of how it catalyzes the learning process. The melodies are peaceful and there are no lyrics to distract from the material being learned. Another popular study genre similar to classical music is jazz music. On Spotify, jazz playlists made for studying have hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners.

“I listen to jazz,” junior Mia Spidel said. “It’s really weird, but it’s super soothing.”

On the other hand, some students prefer more energetic and upbeat music to help them focus. Songs with a faster tempo and catchier lyrics don’t work for everyone, but they are good for keeping energy and engagement up. Focusing comes easier when listening to classical or instrumental songs, but upbeat songs are motivational and make working on school work more enjoyable.

“Listening to people who pump me up while I’m studying keeps me motivated,” senior Talton Browning said.