Art Among the Construction

Art students create mural outside art rooms


Trina Brown

The art mural welcomes students back to school.

Celeste Olivarez, writer

Expressing their creativity, students designed a captivating art mural outside the 300 hall art classrooms to welcome students and parents back to school.

Because of their desire to display their talent and art, students in Trina Brown and William Weiland’s classes created the eye catching and vivid art

Trina Brown

mural. The art changed things and gave students and administration something beautiful to admire amid the construction.

“Art is meant to be seen and enjoyed,” Brown said. “We wanted to get it out there, especially since the construction is going on and we don’t have a beautiful courtyard to look at.”

The students can now focus their attention on the murals rather than day to day construction that is happening around campus.  According to Brown, the decision has remained undecided whether or not this will become a tradition.

Trina Brown

“We hope to raise awareness of the art presence at Amarillo High,” Weiland said. “We also want our campus to see some of the ideas, some of the talents and some of the capabilities that are coming out of some pretty smart kids.”

Throughout the school, the mural has made a positive and fun impact on students and administration walking past it. Sophomore, Brinn Royal, agreed that the art mural was a cool and new concept of sharing art among others.

“Usually, we don’t have a ‘Welcome Sign,’ and all the art is very cool and colorful,” Royal said.

The students who created the art believe that the mural helps express who they are and helps to make our school more colorful.

“We hoped to have brightened up Amarillo High,” Ashlyn Holmes said, “We wanted to make the walls colorful and make them and the kids happy.”