Appropriate Attire


Ploy Xeunvilay , Writer

Near the beginning of the school year, the original dress code  received some modifications, resulting in controversial thoughts throughout the school. Led by some students, a demonstration against the new reinforced dress code occurred with students pinning papers to their shirts expressing their feelings on the dress code enforcement.

With all the controversy, students created a petition to revise the dress code. This started with only a few students, but quickly increased, peaking at over a hundred students. 

“I noticed my friend had a paper on her shirt and asked if I wanted one, I asked what it was for and she explained it to me and I immediately wanted to join,” sophomore Jocelyn Jimenez said.

One of the reasons for the start of this petition came from unfair treatment. Some students being dress coded, while others were not.

“I’ve been bothered with the dress code a bunch of times when others were wearing way more things that were revealing and I would show a little of my knee,” Jimenez, said. 

Another important reason why this petition developed came from unequal attention on dress coding girls, as girls are dress coded far more often than boys

The reason we started a petition is that we started noticing more and more daily that it was becoming worse,” junior, Justin Strite, said. “Targeting women specifically. Shoulders showing, thighs, very little stomach.  None of which distracts, or upset anyone.” 

Compared to other dress code petitioners, this group of students has an utterly different mindset. They do not have the intention of demolishing the dress code, but to revise it in a way that everyone can completely agree on. 

“We still want a dress code,” Strite, said. “That is the difference between our petition and others. Some of the ‘dress-code petitions’ that have been started in the AISD have been to terminate the dress code completely. Whereas ours we just want the dress code to either be enforced differently, less or changed completely.”