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Kickin’ It Off with Soccer

Sandies and Lady Sandies start season with a focus on success

As the soccer season kicks off in a couple of weeks, both the girls’ and boys’ soccer teams are making great efforts in order to prepare themselves for the long road to victory.

The long workouts and dedication demonstrated within the teams have also brought about a sense of unity and common expectations among much of the coaching staff and players alike. 

“I expect every player to work hard and that they put their full effort out there,” Stacey McPherson, the girls’ soccer team coach said. 

The girl’s soccer team made a hard drive for the state title last year and shows great preparations to advance this year as a fierce competitor. 

“Last year we made history [by] going really far in playoffs, and my goal this year is to go even further and just continue to improve myself as a player and as a team member,” Junior Lily Sobey said. 

In the 2020-2021 season, the Varsity girls soccer team came out of the season strong and far with an 86% win rate, placing them 1st in their district and Regional Finalist Semi-Champions.

The Varsity boys soccer team held a solid 85% win rate and an overall 1st place in the district; sealing them as District and Bi-District Champions.

“This is going to be my third year playing soccer and I really enjoy playing with this team and getting to know them better,” Junior Seth Scroggins said. “I am excited for this season and feel that we have great potential.”

 For many of these players, choosing to play soccer and represent our school for consecutive seasons symbolizes their continual passion for the game. Starting from their roots in club soccer or simply their start during childhood, all players join the AHS community with strong goals to improve themselves as individuals.

“I’ve been playing since I was a little kid and I’m a beast,” Sophomore Cason Carlton said. “I’ve been tearing it up since I could walk and I basically learned how to walk with a soccer ball.” 

Currently, in the off-season, the girls’ and boys’ teams participate in weight and turf days. This conditioning always maintains the same intensity and rigorous energy to keep everyone on their feet and those shots in the goal. 

“One day we go to the weight room and the other day we go out to the turf and do some passing drills, shooting drills,” Sophomore Hudson Leasure said. “Just a bit of everything to cover the whole game.”

An important aspect highlighted as key to the advancement and unity of both teams includes getting to know one another. As well as, helping the athletes each build character and grow skills.

“We all try and better ourselves, it’s not just one person trying to do that but each and every one of the teammates working together and building each other up,” Scroggins said. 

The players hold a common goal of advancing further than their previous season, and hopefully wear their gold and black jerseys at the State Championship. 

“We want to win city and win state,” Leisure said.

Not only are the teams striving to win, the have a  whole supportive community of Sandies, parents and soccer alumni cheering them on as they approach their first games.

“Last year was a big year for us because we went further than we ever had and a lot of that is through the fact that there was no drama, they set aside their differences, they worked hard for each other, and they supported each other and cheered each other on,” McPherson said. “When their teammates were successful they were happy about that because they knew that they were also going to be successful.”

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