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The Sandstorm


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Revving it Up

Amarillo High’s Parking Lot is Home to Some Unique Cars

Scattering the large parking lot of the campus, one can find a few hidden treasures among the sea of student cars. Some include a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird and a 2000’s Land Rover Discovery. 

Cars play a significant role in many students’ lives .Students are involved in an environment where cars influence much of their daily lives such as using them as transportation to get to school or work.

“It’s really fun to drive,” Connor Bernard said. “It feels like freedom with his hair in the wind.”

The 78 Firebird mostly known for its appearance in the 1977 Smokey and The Bandit which were sporty cars with a 6.6(455) motor known for its performance in that era. The car can be specd with or without T-Tops which are glass roofs above each seat that drivers can take on and off.

The late seventies during the oil crisis so they tried to attempt to make the cars more fuel efficient but with the old carbureted v8s it was not that much savings. 

“It isn’t that bad,” Bernard said. “I will take it to Clarington and it will use half a tank.”

The Land Rover which is typically known as a off-roading vehicle which Preston usually spends much of his enjoyment time taking his car off roading. His family made him responsible for everything in regards to the car’s well-being however his parents contribute to his insurance expenses.

“It’s good but it’s not a fast car,” Preston Daniel said.

However, despite its pros, its overall gas mileage does not normally hold up the best in comparison to other cars. 

“It’s not the most aerodynamic car so it doesn’t get the best fuel mileage,” Daniel said. 

“I like muscle cars and we were looking through facebook [and] my dad saw it and he went ‘ooh that’s a nice car,’ ”Bernard said. “I said to myself, ‘I should get that’’.

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