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    Fair Review

    Graphic By: Raina Burusnukul

              The Tri-State Fair just left town, and I had the unique privilege of attending it on September 27th. The fair has funnel cakes, thrilling rides, and almost everything in between. 

              First and foremost horrendous parking caused lines to pile up all the way onto 10th street, which caused many people to take another route, and run across the street without warning. I waited for 20 minutes in line for them just to say the lots were filled up and that I needed to park elsewhere. The walk from the parking lot took about five minutes and had to cross a busy street at risk of a car hitting me. Hopefully next year, they will solve this ever-persistent parking issue.

    Now on to one of the biggest attractions; the food. The funnel cake’s sweet powdered sugar tasted great, but the warm doughiness of the cake itself tasted even better. However, this sugary and warm treat was too expensive, unfortunately, I cannot remember the exact price. The fair also provided many drink options, but I chose to go with Dr. Pepper; once again, too costly at about $9. At one point I got drinks for the group, but I did not learn the price until I had ordered.

    The overall fair, while fun, costs a whole lot; a definite drawback to the experience. Not only did the fair credits cost a dollar per credit, but there was also a two-dollar convenience fee just to obtain a card to use the credits. This dragged the experience down a bit, as I did not get to do some things I would have wanted to do because of the ridiculous cost. Quite frankly, the fair’s a big scam.

    Then the main attraction of the fair, the rides. The thrill of the pirate ship ride definitely came from the unexpected length of the ride, the height the ship went to, and the fear that everything might come crashing down around you. The Pirate Ship ride is a 7/10 due to those reasons,

    I also rode the Power, this ride starts off by putting you at the top with an amazing view but with an empty stomach feeling knowing that the ride would drop at a random time. It was while my friend and I, dangling our feet in the air and saying our goodbyes, that it dropped. The rush of adrenaline and the feeling of air pressure while spinning really fast and flipping was thrilling. When it ended so soon It surprised me. 8/10 for The Power for its rush of fun and adrenaline.

    I also rode the Fireball, a big ride where one spins in circles. I got to ride with all my friends on this one facing each other. The ride started off slow and scary because you never knew when the ride would do a full loop. When it gained the speed to surpass the loop, it was a fast blast that made you truly aware of the breeze going through your hair. 7/10 for The Fireball because of its fear and excitement.  

    The fair this year was pretty good; with awesome food and thrilling rides making for a worthwhile experience. However horrid parking spaces, and ridiculous prices, dragged the experience back, not allowing this little adventure to shine as it should have.

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