The Most Popular Gift Requests Among Sandies


Maryam Adnan, Writer

The Christmas season has many enjoyable aspects, however there is always something that most people tend to look forward to the most: presents! The staff passed a poll out to students to see what teenagers really want versus what social media says they want. 

The most popular choice, by far, was money. Most of the students collectively agreed that they would enjoy having money most because it would allow them to buy whatever they wanted. 

Jewelry came in second place. Among boys and girls, many of them would like many different types of jewelry, specifically necklaces or chains were heavily asked for.

An option equally as popular as the jewelry were shoes. The choices by students ranged from sneakers to winter boots. And although shoes are common, people still put in much effort to make sure they choose the most appealing shoes to themselves.

Not surprisingly, food took fourth in popularity. Although food’s simple, every two students, someone would put food down as one of their wanted gifts. The most popular type of food requested was candy.

Next up in popularity was electronics. And those options ranged from apple watches to computers to phone cases. Despite them being expensive, electronics are still a heavily favored gift among the students.

School supplies were fairly popular, especially among sophomores and juniors. Most asked for simple objects, a few examples are pens, markers, and sticky notes. However, some students believed that school supplies should not be asked for Christmas.

One of the more unpopular options consisted of toys. Most of the students responded saying that, “toys were for children and they were too old for them.” However, there held a small percentage who asked for certain board games or types of cards that they collected.

Above remain, the most popular, and unpopular gifts among the students at the school. Despite there only being eight choices for the poll, everyone seems to want something special, and definitely makes Christmas shopping interesting.