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    French Fried Bliss

    A ranking of the best and worst of french fries.

    French fries are a staple of the teenager diet. The sticks of fried and salted potatoes help any rushed lunch or stressed study session feel better. A few staffers tried the fries of the closest fast food places to the school to test who had the best fries. Excluded are waffle fries and large steak fries. The staff was in agreement that Hud’s have probably the best fries, but we wanted to put other places to the test.

    KFC: KFC has fries! I had no idea KFC had fries until I saw their banner with their infamous crispy potatoes. Going through the drive thru, my friend and I had our expectations very low, because how could a chicken place make good fries, right? Well, we were completely wrong, KFC had some of the best fries we’ve ever had. Surprisingly, their fries were really flavorful, and had lots of crunch. This couldn’t be a fry review if I didn’t rate it’s crispiness, so I give KFC a 10/10. Right as we got the fries we tasted them and let me tell you, they were so crispy. Even after a hot minute they still had their crispiness, which is so rare for fries. They were crispy, almost flaky because of the thin breaded outer layer. The insides of the fries were like their mash potatoes in a form of a fry. Plus, it did not look like any ordinary fry, it was a bit orange not too thin and not too thick, just the right size. They were not too salty like other fast food restaurants, but still very flavorful. I would most definitely recommend these fries for fry lovers. Rating: 5 stars 

    Sonic: Sonic… One would think Sonic would have good fries that weren’t bad, but to my surprise it was terrible. I don’t know if it was just bad timing, but right as I received the fries they were lukewarm and stale. I had very high hopes for Sonic because they have been an establishment since forever and they must know to go make good fries right? Well no, there’s probably a reason why they are better known for their tater tots. Once I put the fries in my mouth it was so dry and starchy, it felt like I needed 20 gallons of water for every 2 fries. Don’t get me wrong, flavor is the most important part, but the crisp is equally as important. Sonic had a very lame crisp that was not pleasant and taste wise, there’s better fries out there. If someone were to ask if I would recommend Sonic for their fries, I would shake my head and lead them down a better path. Rating: 0.5 out of 5 stars (The food came out really quick)

    Braums: The crinkle cut fries are a Braums staple, pairing well with the vast flavors and textures of their infamous ice cold treats. The fries maintained a crispy exterior even after sitting in a paper bag for nearly 10 minutes: a time period in which many of its competitors seem to wilt within. These crinkle cut potatoes also boast a decent crunch with each and every bite, however it was a bit tough to break through at times, especially at the ends of some of the fries. The inside of the fries on the other hand had a cloud like and pillowy texture, contrasting its robust exterior and complementing it at the same time. Rating 3 out of 5 stars

    Burger King: The fries at Burger King are a cheap bang for your buck staple that provide a decent crispy coat on the outside and a soft fluffy mashed potato texture on the inside. However, they tasted as if they were fried in old reused oil, giving them a burnt and stale flavor even though they were fresh out of the fryer. The fires had an overall mediocre and bland flavor, this was probably due to the lack of salt/seasoning on the fries. The fries did maintain their crisp after a while, which is something many contenders on this list fail to do. Rating 2 out of 5 stars. 

    McDonalds is obviously famous for their fries and we all know why. They are crispy, straight cut which makes it the perfect serving size, and the taste is just stunning. When I went to get some fries earlier this month, I had to wait a bit for the fries to come out, but the wait was all worth it. After I was handed the fries, I immediately had to taste it, and let me just say they were fresh out the fryer, perfectly crisp, and not too salty. Yes, fries from MCDonalds can be a hit or miss, but when they hit, they hit HARD. I remember sometimes when I would get fries from here and they would be soggy and sometimes a bit too salty, but nevertheless they still were delectable. There is just something about McDonald’s fries that hits different. Rating 5 out of 5 stars.

    Wendy’s had fries very similar to KFC in terms of texture and shape. But, the flavors did not compare to KFC’s; Wendy’s had less flavoring with (probably) salt being the only seasoning they put on it. The crispiness factor was there but it was a bit tough on the ends. I guess there was always a reason why I don’t go to Wendy’s out of free will. But, not to be rude, Wendy’s fries was 100% better than Sonic and Burger King. Rating 3 out of 5 stars.


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    Ploy Xeunvilay, Writer
    Hi! I'm Ploy and this is my second year on staff. Throughout the year I've grown to love writing and the people around me. I have made some long-term friendships that I'm so grateful for. Every day I come into class with no idea what to expect, and I leave with the biggest smile. Not only will I remember being a Sandie news staff forever, but I also have hilarious stories to tell later on.