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Movie Reviews

            Summer’s almost here! With school ending, you’ll need something to fill up your time. And what better way to do that than watch movies! Many new and old movies have become more popular in the past few months so let’s review them.

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 One movie that Marvel fans looked forward to, Dr. Strange: Multi-verse of Maddness, came out in theatres recently. The movie’s plot follows Dr. Strange and a girl named America traveling from universe to universe trying to evade Scarlett Witch, Wanda Maximoff. The movie’s top-tier graphics and effects add to the plot by keeping the audience intrigued. And do not get me started on the humor, the characters made me laugh repetitively throughout the movie. Now, a complaint, the pacing of the movie made it difficult to keep up at times, however, overall it definitely lives up to the name “Multi-verse of Maddness.”

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Another movie, for Marvel fans, that came out last December and made an impact on the Marvel universe, Spiderman: No Way Home. After Spiderman’s identity becomes revealed, he goes to Dr. Strange for help but ends up bringing five dangerous criminals from other universes to his. The movie became popular quickly, especially since all three Spider-Mans, Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire, came together to stop the villains. Personally, I loved the movie and do not have any complaints. The plot and characters work well together, and the plot twist at the end, everyone forgetting about Peter Parker, leaves the audience interested and looking forward to the next movie.

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  Moving on to one movie that both adults and children could not get enough of: Encanto. This movie follows the Madrigals while they go through problems with their magic, and Mirabel Madrigal when she learns her place in her family. The fun colors used keeps the attention of a younger audience, and the important themes of family and acceptance interest the older people watching. And one thing that everyone watching loved: the soundtrack. Each song represents a part of the character/family, and has a deep meaning to them. Not to mention, I enjoyed listening to them.


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Last but certainly not least, a movie looked forward to by gamers everywhere: Uncharted. This movie follows Nathan Drake, Tom Holland, and Victor Sullivan, Mark Wahlberg, as they try to recover a 500-year-old treasure. Throughout the movie, each character gets their time to shine as well as their own backstory. And with all the many betrayals that the main character experiences it keeps watchers on their toes, and leaves room for many new plot twists. Not to mention, the ending, where you can see Nathan’s older brother in a prison writing a postcard to Nathan, confirms that he is still alive and leaves many unanswered questions that hint at another movie.

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