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    History of Thanksgiving

    Each Year families come together to celebrate Thanksgiving. In which, this holiday came to life in the early 1620s, which many families partake in the holidays traditions for many generations.

    Thanksgiving started as a harvest feast, which later became documented as the first Thanksgiving in the colonies. The English colonists began their journey at Plymouth England. Their destination was the Hudson River, however they ended up near the tip of Cape Cod. 

    Throughout the next month, the Pilgrims crossed Massachusetts Bay where they settled. However, the brutal winter caused nearly half of the 102 passengers they started with, to meet a cold end.

     March took a turn when the Colonists got a visit from a member of the Abenaki tribe, who greeted them in English. A few days passed when he brought another Native American; Squanto. The Pilgrims, starving, sick, and beaten by the winter, but Squanto showed them ways to live and ways to flourish in their new surroundings.

    In November of 1621, the Pilgrims first corn crop was harvested, and to celebrate, the Pilgrims invited the Native Americans over to have a feast, which lasted a total of three days.

    In 1789, George Washington issued the very first Thanksgiving Proclamation by the national government. This national declaration was not the first as John Adams and James Madison have also designated days of thanks during their presidencies. The first state to actually accept a Thanksgiving Day was New York during 1817.

    Thanksgiving eventually became official in 1941 when the president signed a bill making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday of November.

    Although this holiday did not begin officially, Thanksgiving has existed  for many years, and the annual celebration will continue to go on for many more years to come. Traditions will continue on, and flourish through families every year.

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