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The Sandstorm


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Dress Code

Graphic By: Raina Burusnukul

Rules play a big part in school, it would not exist without rules, one of those rules involves the dress code. Without a dress code, schools would look a lot different. Those who enforce the dress code are often seen as strict, but they are just following guidelines. However,  students tend to think that one enforcing the rules can take things too far. 

Some people were more in favor of the dress code than others, but they want to make a few changes to it. One of those changes includes wanting a more equalized dress code; one that seems fair for everyone.

“I think we do need a dress code, but I feel that a lot of times it can be discriminatory and overbearing,” Sophomore Aidan Anderson said.

Thinking from a principal’s perspective gives you a good idea of why they enforce the rules so heavily. Learning from year to year the changes that need to be made, and the corrections to make the dress code run smoother.

“Not so much complaints, more grumbles from students when we try to get them to address whatever it is we’re getting into,” Assistant Principal, Robert Hubbard said.

Another point of view to look into includes the teachers. They have enough distractions, and they do not need more from clothing or accessories. Teachers should not be the ones who sit and call out those dressed inappropriately, but unfortunately they do.

“I’ve been here 22 years and I’ve seen it be very strict and explicit…it’s very vague, even though some of it is specific,”  Psychology teacher Billie Jameson, said.

Some teachers have more of a laid-back point of view. In fact, many teachers are too focused on teaching their lessons to notice little dress code violations.

“Sometimes it’s not worth the fight with the student, it’s not worth the hassle with administration.” Jameson said.

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