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How To Survive Junior Year

Graphic By: Raina Burusnukul

Junior year in high school, the year where things get serious, the year where people lose sleep, the year where things start to feel numb, the year that makes underclassmen terrified to think about. For the next 180 days, juniors will face the most challenging days of high school; from figuring out how to deal with all the major assessments, which college to attend, to how to manage school and personal life. 

The third year of high school loves to creep up and jump-scare people leaving behind zero mercy. Knowing how to manage this busy year will save many stressful moments.  

 First and foremost, stay organized with all of the schoolwork. This may seem minor, but it could make or break the whole year. Organizational skills will stabilize a chaotic year, and prevent any loose papers, forgotten assignments and folders stuck in the crevice of any driver’s seat. Without organization, many can kiss the light of day goodbye. 

Second, although things may become more rigorous, looking forward to an award at the end of the path will make things less miserable. For instance, securing a snack after a long study session, rewarding oneself with a gift after a good grade, or even taking a nap after a long day of work can boost motivation and create inspiration to complete assignments. Using this suggestion will help the journey of these 180 days go by faster and therefore less painful. 

If things become overwhelming do not forget to take a step back to breathe and mentally digest the situation. Many forget to do this step, causing them to drown in the enormous ocean called “junior year”. Slowing down may seem like a straightforward thing to do, but people like to think they can handle more than they can. This causes many to burn out, which can hurt their entire existence like a wildfire burning down trees in a forest. So, just take time to breathe, think, and process before heading back into the fray. 

Remember junior year, the equivalent of 2 semesters, 180 days, and the second to last year of high school will contain some of the best  and at times the most rotten parts of high school. People will stress over events such as PSAT, SAT, ACT and AP testing, but other than that, the year is not that bad.  So just keep looking forward, as the light awaits at the end of the tunnel with open doors to the senior year. 

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