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Drama Club


Newly-elected officers prompt new changes for the Drama Club, bringing the community closer than before as they enact changes that they hope will improve the club. 

At the end of every school year, individuals in the drama club run for certain positions: president, secretary, historian, social chair, and treasurer. Whoever runs for president, and wins, holds the title of president, however, the person who receives second place gains the title of vice president. The people who acquire the most votes will transition into their position at the beginning of the next school year. The individuals who do not run for a position apply for drama club and participate in events and meetings. Despite differences in status, the drama club remains a loyal community. This year’s leaders are hoping to help the community of the club become tighter and run more efficiently. 

“There is a really, really tight-knit community there [in drama club],” President, Aiden Hendrick said. “All of us are basically a family…”

Since the drama club’s community has grown closer than before, they’ve become more efficient. They do this by coming together in meetings and touching base more often than last year.

 “People are working together a lot better than they did last year,” Vice President Kylia Lambert said.

One of the main reasons for this change in behavior comes from the collaborative nature of the new drama club officers. Even though some officers are extroverted, and others introverted, they all come together to make a united community.

“This year I feel like the council is way more interactive with the people,” Treasurer Maggie Hall said. “Last year it felt like they were higher up, and this year it feels like more of a family, more of a community.”

Compared to last year, the drama club officers take their job more seriously than others before them. The officers accomplish this by incorporating everyone no matter what and always focusing on the task at hand, which pushes the drama club to have a less stressful environment.

“I think our drama club council is more of a well-oiled machine this year, there seems to be a lot less in-fighting between group members,” Social Chair Zoey Cain said. “We seem to have a stronger understanding of what needs to get done and how to do it.”

The closeness of the drama community creates a safe space for individuals participating in club activities. These activities include the Christmas party, Halloween party, and end-of-the-year banquet.

“I love the people,” Lambert said. “It’s a good place where everybody can come together, be themselves, and not feel left out in any way.”

The drama club has created a comfortable environment for its participants and anyone willing to give the club a chance.

“It’s given me a home,” Cain said, “It’s given me a place to belong and a purpose…” 

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Axel Willis, Writer
I have been on Newspaper staff for two years now and I focus mainly on theatre stories since I am the Vice President of Drama Club. Outside of school I work and hang out with my dogs. :)