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Spooky Traditions

Students share their spooky traditions

Ranging from 12-foot skeletons to carved pumpkins, there is no limit to creativity during the Halloween season. Traditions, each one special, keep families together to pass down to future generations. Halloween does not have to be scary, it can still be fun.

As Halloween approaches, many families all over Amarillo begin to get in the spooky spirit and participate in their unique traditions. These traditions allow people to make the most of this exciting holiday by giving them a fun experience with people they care about. 

“I go to my grandparents’ church and play bingo and eat Frito pie,” Senior Benjamin Kerley said. 

 Some people spend Halloween handing out candy to children and spending time with their family. Handing out candy, though common, never fails to put a smile on children’s faces. The types of treats range anywhere from delicious chocolate to sweet suckers. 

“I go to my church, hand out candy to little children and dress up with my parents,” Sophomore Gretchen Needham said. 

While many families do spend time decorating the outside of their houses to scare neighbors, some people like to keep it close and celebrate with their family members. This involves trying to scare each other, throwing a party with loved ones, or even just handing out candy together.

“Our Halloween tradition is taking turns hiding a scary porcelain doll around the house to scare each other,” Junior Atasha Orias said. 

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