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Prep for College Over Coffee


No one wants to sit in a tiny office tapping their leg while an adult tells them the rights and wrongs of how to get into College. It is boring, awkward and not helpful. However, in order to make the process flow easier for the senior student College, Career and Military Readiness (CCMR) came up with a solution.

 Seniors need to learn more about College and what they should do to prepare. For this reason, CCMR planned a weekly meeting, every Thursday, 5-8:30 p.m. at Palace Coffee to help students learn more about college without the stress and tension of being at school. 

“The idea behind College and Coffee is to take the all-important issue of answering questions and assisting students with life after high school,”  CCMR Coordinator Billy Borden said. “Meeting at Palace provides a less traditional, more comfortable environment off of school grounds.”

Seniors can easily get overwhelmed by the constant stress that comes with applying to college and CCMR wants to help them as much as possible.

“There are so many things on the “to-do” list of a senior, that sometimes it’s all you can do to keep up…that means that some things only get a portion of your attention, and results show it,” Borden said. 

CCMR wants to help students achieve their goals for the future as comfortably and efficiently as possible. 

“If we provide a place a student can count on weekly, and we can help you stay up-to-date on deadlines and ‘storms on the horizon,’ we’ll be able to put each student in a much better place after graduation,” Borden said. 

Parents play a big part in this process as well, families oftentimes get overwhelmed while going through applications. 

“Good communication comes from times like these, where both of you [students and their parents] can sit with someone that understands how to speak to both sides and ‘clean up’ any missed or misunderstood aspects about one of the most important times in a student’s life,”  Borden said. 

Students need more information about how to pursue the future that they want for themselves. The calming environment of Palace Coffee sure does beat the tense, stressful office. This way Students can plan out their futures while sipping hot coffee with a trusted adult. 

“Many dreams are abandoned and left in the dust because of a lack of information,” Borden said. “If you have a shred of a dream or desire for your future beyond AHS, come have coffee on a Thursday evening!”

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