Gift Wrapping 101

Step by step on how to wrap a gift


Hannah Hunter, Writer

When shopping for Christmas presents, it is easy to get lost in the gifts. Instead of stuffing them in a gift bag and calling it a day, follow these step-by-step instructions for an easy professional look. 

  1. Place the box facedown on top of the wrapping paper, and cover it with the loose side of the wrapping paper. Leave about one inch of extra room and cut a small slit.






2. Set the box aside and fold the paper onto itself. Follow the slit and crease the paper to make a straight line. Cut the paper along the line. 






3. Place the box on a corner of the paper, leaving about an inch on one side and a little over half the amount of paper it takes to cover one side on the other. 






4. Cut a slit the same length that you left for the second side and fold over the paper onto itself again to get a straight line. Cut the paper along the line. 

5. Center the box, and create a small fold of the remaining one inch of paper. 






6. Fold the opposite side of the paper onto the box. Then fold the remaining paper on top and secure it with tape. 






7. Turn to one side and fold the smaller sides inward to create a 45-degree angle and adhere with tape. 






8. Fold one side inward, then the other fold, and adhere with tape. 






9. Repeat steps seven and eight to the other side. 

Finish with a ribbon or bow if desired. 

Following all these steps, your present should look like a professional wrapping job. Even with these step-by-step directions, do not be discouraged if it does not look perfect. With a few attempts, you will get the hang of it. 

Happy gift wrapping!