Find The Things to be Thankful For

What We Should Be Thankful For As This Crazy Year Comes To An End


Celeste Olivarez, Writer

With 2020 coming to an end, the special time has come to celebrate the most important holiday: Thanksgiving. Although this holiday usually revolves around feasting and football games, expressing gratitude has become more vital this year than ever before. 

Since the COVID-19 virus became serious in March, people have experienced losing someone or something important to them. So as we reflect on the hardships happening around us everyday, let us keep in mind all of the things we still have to be grateful for in the midst of the pandemic. 

We can still give thanks for the opportunity to gather while wearing masks and following safety protocols. On the other hand, people who have to quarantine or cannot gather still have the opportunity to give thanks for the time they have to reflect and spend extra time relaxing and staying safe. There are still important things to cherish during this pandemic, such as family, friends, and health. Check up on special loved ones this holiday season, because we never know when the virus will cause hardships in our lives. 

To show gratitude means to stop taking the things in our lives for granted, and this year, though that may not come easily, the world needs that extra positivity. Finding the joy in the mundane, or in some cases in the midst of a deadly virus, becomes more and more necessary as the world comes to face the rising numbers. 

Expressing gratitude toward the ending of this challenging and chaotic year eventually must bring about some type of positive change in the public attitude. In a new world of fear and anxiety, simple acts of thankfulness and gratitude can go a long way.