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Spring Break Activities

Graphic By: Raina Burusnukul

Spring starts with the beginning of spring break when people will end up on the road traveling to see family, friends and beaches. But the majority of students spend their break relaxing at home. This relaxing state may last for about three days maximum until the days begin to fade together, and what was once fun, starts turning gray and gloomy. Not to worry though, with the following tips spring break will not go to waste; the following activities and events will save the day. 

During spring break, people want to freshen up and head out of town, but considering the significant price increases, many people will opt to stay in town and relax at home. However, as an alternative, a stay-cation works as well. First, find a lovely hotel in town with fun amenities like a spa, gym, lounge, or pool and book it for a day or two. Now pack an “out of town bag” and say goodbye to the house for the next two days. Once, at the hotel, envision a whole different city, explore, have fun and loosen any pent-up stress. This cannot compare to a trip to Cancun or Paris, but it will do for now. 

 For a little fun night out, go on a solo date. Yes, it sounds a little cheesy, but it holds many benefits. First, going on a solo date will build one’s confidence and independence. Second, going solo means possessing the ability to try out new restaurants and foods and to expand one’s palate. And lastly, it opens up opportunities to meet new people and create new friends. 

No school during this break means late nights and even later wake-up times. So, going to watch the sunset in a nice and scenic area with friends equals the perfect way to end the day. Taking a few of each others’ favorite snacks, a couple of blankets and laying out on top of the car to watch the sun go down is top-tier relaxation. And if one decides to go alone, it can count as meditation and self-care. 

Lastly, local games embody some of the best entertainment a city can offer, as they can range from hockey to basketball, baseball and football. Any sport works just fine and going with friends makes them 10 times more enjoyable. These games carry a lighthearted, environment perfect for making memories. 

Although spring break entails a vast array of fun and exhilarating activities, the most important ones are relaxing and catching up on sleep. Students work tirelessly and endure many sleepless nights, so try not to go so hard and give that brain a break. Have fun, decompress and stay safe. 

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